Upcoming Meeting Dates

Wednesday, February 21: A Mardi Gras themed Social Event
Join us for friends, snacks, conversation, and other festivities as we enjoy a festive evening together.
Wednesday, March 21: Pride Parade Planning Meeting and Sign Making
Gather among friends to confirm details of the 2018 Pride Parade and craft signage to carry with us along the parade route.
Wednesday, April 18: Are You Tired of Being told what the Bible Says About Sexuality and Gender?
Come and learn from the Rev. Emilie Finn, M.Div., Berkley Divinity School at Yale as she guides participants through a discussion of what the Bible actually says about sexuality and gender. This month Emilie will don her scholarly hat, giving participants the detailed information needed to understand others' impressions of what the Bible says so that, when we are faced with questions or abruptly judged, we will have the knowledge to respond intelligently.

Future meeting topics coming soon! Check back for updates!