Study with Emmaus

We meet each Tuesday evening for relevant, topical studies. Our studies range "Demystifying the Bible" and "What Does the Bible Say About..." to a look at pressing issues such as race and poverty. And, we're always looking for new ideas! All are invited to join in these important, timely conversations!

We meet Tuesday evenings from 6pm-8pm and for additional studies as announced.
In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to meet with individuals and small groups that extend well beyond our Emmaus community. Although the lived experiences of my conversation partners have been quite diverse, several common themes have emerged in these conversations. And, the more I've talked to everyone the more I've left thinking, "They'd all really like one another."
In an attempt to connect these various groups and individuals and address some of the challenging thoughts we've explored, I will host a new book discussion series. Because many reside out-of-state, these will be hosted on Zoom, with the potential of an in-person option as the weather cools.

About the first book choice: As these one-on-one and small group conversations were happening, a good friend who is headed off to seminary later this month, shared the title of a book they are required to read before classes even begin. Half-joking, I challenged them to a "race to the finish." However as I began to read I recognized in these pages answers to the questions and frustrations raised in the conversations I'd been having. And if not answers, thought-provoking insights that might inform not only my own thinking but the future discernment and work of our community and the individuals to whom I've been talking. 
Upcoming Studies:
Led by Yale-educated scholar, and Episcopal Priest, the Rev. Emilie Finn this study seeks to explore what the bible actually says about gender and sexuality. We'll examine the historical context in which the texts were written, how these words have been used in and by the Church throughout time.

Whether you are Christian, of another faith background, or of no faith background, Biblical references to gender and sexuality shape our secular lives.
Come and see what scripture references from both the Old and New Testaments, and particularly the oft-quoted passages in Paul’s Letter to the Romans have to say about this important topic! This class is open to all. Participants need not be a current member of our congregation, or any congregation, nor of any faith at all.
Wednesday Evenings | September 28, October 5 & 12 | 6pm-8pm via Zoom
Zoom link will be emailed prior to the first class.
Class limit exceeded* We will share dates of Pastor Emilie's next session ASAP!
Next class: this Fall
Interest list forming now.
Tuesdays this November.
Baptism in the Episcopal tradition is the moment in which a person becomes a member of the Body of Christ. Join us as we explore the vows we make, or that are made on our behalf, at the time of our Baptism.  Help our community explore new ways to live into these commitments.

Note: this discussion is appropriate for everyone whether or not you've been baptized in the Episcopal tradition, or at all. For those wishing to be baptized or to more fully explore whether this is right for you please join the interest list for our upcoming "Exploring Baptism" class.
All are welcome! Come & Learn with Us!
Join at any time. Each week builds upon previous discussions, but is presented as a stand-alone study.