Tuesdays are for Study at Emmaus

We meet each Tuesday evening for relevant, topical studies. Our studies range "Demystifying the Bible" and "What Does the Bible Say About..." to a look at pressing issues such as race and poverty. And, we're always looking for new ideas! All are invited to join in these important, timely conversations!

We meet Tuesday evenings from 6pm-8pm for studies as announced - and are now experimenting with a morning study time as well. Come & See!

NOTE: our Tuesday Evening Study will break for Holy Week and Easter Week. We'll resume April 13th. Please watch for more information! Or, to be kept up to date, share your email by clicking here. Tuesday morning studies will continue uninterrupted.

Episcopal 101: What Is the Episcopal Church? What Do We Believe?

New to the Episcopal Church? A lifelong Episcopalian looking for a refresher?
Join us for Episcopal 101! Discover how the Episcopal Church came to be, what we believe, and what lessons this holds for us in our daily lives and interactions.

Meeting Tuesday Mornings on Zoom

What is The Episcopal Church?
Whether you are a life-long Episcopalian looking for detailed information about our church, or have just accidentally stumbled upon our site and wonder what The Episcopal Church is, this study is for you!

Join our Vicar, Deb, at the Starbucks on Bell & Civic Center Drive as she guides a teaching and discussion on the history and beliefs of The Episcopal Church. Learn about our deeply rooted history, beginning in the earliest years of the Middle Ages and growing through the Reformation. Then travel with us as British colonists brought the church with them to the American continent and watch the church evolve through the American Revolution into what we now know as The Episcopal Church.

Those who attend all four sessions of Episcopal 101 will be prepared for Confirmation or Reception into The Episcopal Church, should they so desire.
March 30, 2021:
Augustine of Canterbury and the Medieval English Church

April 6, 2021:
The English Reformation and Classical Anglican Theology

April 13, 2021:
Anglicans in the American Colonies and
The Episcopal Church

April 20, 2021:
Episcopal Doctrine and Worship:
What do we Believe?

April 27
Summary Discussion: Living our Faith
All are welcome! Come & Learn with Us!
Join at any time. Each week builds upon previous discussions, but is presented as a stand-alone study.